Director's Message

Now there was a great wind, …

but the Lord was not in the wind;

and after the wind an earthquake,

but the Lord was not in the earthquake;

and after the earthquake a fire,

but the Lord was not in the fire;

and after the fire

a sound of sheer silence.

~ I Kings 19:11-12

Dear Music at Abington Friends, Followers, and Patrons,

What a joy to begin another year of music together! It is your continued listening and your willingness to also share your ideas and insights that makes this series such a special part of the musical landscape.

The quote above highlights one of the personal and touching aspects of the Music at Abington series. When these musicians – you, your friends and neighbors, the folks you’ve listened to for years sometimes – come together, the experience is hallowed by truly listening to one another. At a time that the noise in our culture is at an all-time high, this series continues to invite strangers, friends, and neighbors into the same space to be present to one another, and listen to each other. The musicians do this, and MUST do this all the time. The listeners help to make this worthwhile for the performers. And following concerts the conversations about the music and meaning and life outside the walls flows so much more freely because we’ve shared together the trust of coming into a place of quiet to listen to each other. Thank you for continuing to make this tradition of listening and sharing a hallmark of life in our community!

The season ahead includes familiar offerings and some which are brand new, including orchestral highlights, folk music, barbershop, jazz, choral masterworks, and the voices of children, youth, and adults. Find a new friend with whom you can share this season as you build together a listening ear for what is happening right here in Abington. We at Music at Abington will be grateful and you may find new common interests to share, too.

John Sall

So, join us! Show your support by adding dates to your calendar and coming together to listen. Make a donation toward the season to keep the music sounding. Share the series brochure or our online website and calendar with a fellow lover of music. Let us know how we can continue to hear what you value and want to hear more of in the series, too. It is this sense of connection by listening to one another that makes Music at Abington a listening art.

We are honored to share the enclosed highlights from the upcoming season with you. After 44 years of shared music and community
your interest and support in this collaborative venture inspires us to keep the music flowing!
The special annual traditions that have developed over time are here. Whether the candlelit procession of Christmas by Candlelight
or the hallowed list of names and remembrances included at the Memorial Concert, the performers find as much to
cherish in these traditions as the listeners, making Music at Abington a special local source of memory, community, and tradition.
The presence of world class guest artists shows another side of our vision, to bring the highest caliber performances to our
community and make them available to everyone without barrier. Students, music lovers, and casual listeners alike benefit from
this unique blend of community support and professional presentations. Your gift to Music at Abington makes this possible.
It is a sign of your ongoing support in the community and the quality of shared musical experiences with amateur and professional
guest performers alike that we are celebrating a 45th season of programming. It is your suggestions that continue to inspire
and lead our programming and your support with your dollars, your time, and your invitations to new listeners that keep
Music at Abington at the heart of our community. What will inspire you this season? It is awaiting you here!
John Sall, Director of Music Ministries &
The Music at Abington Committee

John Sall, Director of Music Ministries &

The Music at Abington Committee


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