Memorial Concert: Paschen Songs and Mozart Requiem

The Annual Memorial Concert is a beloved tradition at APC memorializing loved ones in a special concert.

March, 18, 2018 will mark this year's musical memorial with a very special program featuring Mozart's Requiem and the premiere of three new songs on poems by Elise Paschen.

The 4:00 concert of Mozart’s beloved classic Requiem and “Three Songs on Poems by Elise Paschen” is preceded by a 3:00 pre-concert conversation featuring poet Elise Paschen, composer Peter Hilliard, and singer Ruth Ideen-Sall. These are the collaborating creators who have come together for the premiere of a new song cycle at this concert. The three Paschen poems (Ash, Threshold, and Feast for the Living) travel through personal grief, reflection, memory, and hope. The new musical settings underscore these themes through the three poems in ways which are both subtle and direct.

Want a tiny preview? Click here to listen to the opening bars of the final song "Feast for the Living". from rehearsal.

From "Feast for the Living" by Elise Paschen. Opening lines. Music by Peter Hilliard.

I dream my father is alive, preparing

the Ocean Drive house for a dinner party.

Together we walk down the aisles, my father


steering the cart, selecting favorite foods:

dark chocolate, crisp baguettes, smoked salmon,

buttery Chardonnay, chickens, romaine.


For further background on the process to hear Ms. Paschen read these poems and others from her new collection, Nightlife, the Abington Free Library is hosting a reading and dialogue with book signing by Ms. Paschen on Saturday, March 17, at 2:30 p.m. All are welcome, you are invited to pre-register from the webpage here.


The concert is free (donations received).

Free professional child care is available.

Links to further updates and information can be found at the Music at Abington webpage or by linking to the FaceBook event page for this concert.



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