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Abington Presbyterian Church

Abington Presbyterian Church
1082 Old York Rd
Abington, PA 19001-4593

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1714 Church founded by 70 people. Malachi Jones first pastor until 1729.
1719 First church built and located in the graveyard across from present church.
1728 Elizabeth Armitage first burial of authentic record in graveyard
1731 Richard Treat installed as second pastor and ordination sermon published by Ben Franklin. His ministry last 47 years.
1739 George Whitfield, noted British evangelist, speaks to thousands at church.
1749 Mary Todd Lincoln's great grandparents married in church before moving to Kentucky.
1752 Benjamin Franklin as Justice of the Peace signs early church property deed.
1756 A daughter of Malachi Jones gives 100 acres of land to Church. Manse built on land that serves congregation for 100 years. Manse still stands just south of the Abington Free Library.
1778 During Revolutionary War, patriots fire on British from behind walls of graveyard.
1793 New church built on west side of Old York Road. Old church in graveyard dismantled.
1798 Corner House built by Isaiah Hubbs.
1833 Church rebuilt to accommodate growing congregation.
1835 Church member Susan B. Smith founds Children's Missionary Society, first of its kind in the United States.
1853 Remains of Samuel Finley, President of Princeton University from 1751 to 1766, and Gilbert Tennent, first pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church from 1734 to 1764, relocated to church graveyard.
1860 Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church founded, being the first of ten offspring churches that are founded directly or indirectly for old Abington. Others include Grace, Carmel, Willow Grove, Roslyn, and Calvary.
1866 After Civil War, new church built in Romanesque style with tall steeple.
1891 Col. Charles McCawley, Commandant of Marine Corps, buried in graveyard.
1895 Early morning fire destoys church.
1896 Church rebuilt. Mrs. John Wanamaker donates bell which still hangs in steeple.
1925 Parish House built.
1957 & 1959 Christian Education Building erected.

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